Bartholin Cyst

How do you know you need a Bartholin Cyst Treatment? The Bartholin glands are located on either side of the labia, surrounding the vagina. The organs are very small and produce fluid that moistens the vaginal area through the Bartholin ducts.

At Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women, it is usually recommended that patients have a Bartholin cyst drained. Our medical experts place the patient under local anesthesia in order to make an incision in the cyst.

A specialist will place a catheter inside the abscess to drain the fluid. Afterward, specialists may prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection but aren’t usually needed once the fluid is drained from the area. In some cases, the condition may return. However, when treated properly, most patients will fully recover.

Bartholin Causes

Bartholin Cyst Treatment

Bartholin Cyst Treatment

It is believed that Bartholin cysts are caused by an accumulation of fluid in the Bartholin glands. When harmful bacteria such as those that cause sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea and E. coli come into contact with the cyst, an infection occurs.

Symptoms of Bartholin

Many women do not realize they have a Bartholin’s cyst until it worsens or becomes infected. This is usually due to the small size of the Bartholin ducts. However, once the cyst becomes infected, its effects are recognizable within days.

Not sure if you have a Bartholin cyst? Below is a list of common symptoms women who have developed an infection experience.

  • Fever
  • Tender lump near the vaginal opening
  • Unusual pain during intercourse
  • Soreness near the genital area
  • Pain or discomfort that worsens or persists for more than three days

Bartholin Cyst Treatment | Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women

If you experience any of these symptoms and would like examination by one of our skilled professionals, contact Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women at (305) 595-6488 to set up an appointment. We can help you find an effective Bartholin Cyst Treatment for your discomfort.