Women’s Sexual Health

women's sexual health

women’s sexual health

It is often falsely assumed that men are the only ones who can suffer from a sexual disorder. The reality is that many women also experience this frustrating condition. In women, this disorder is known as Female Sexual Dysfunction. It involves any issue that arises during the sexual response cycle, ranging from a lack of sexual response to pain during any phase of sexual intercourse.

Research shows that a relatively high percentage of women suffer from sexual dysfunction. However, many women are held back from seeking medical assistance due to unnecessary embarrassment or hesitation. At Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women we recognize the difficulty our patients may have with opening up on such a private matter and want to encourage a sense of comfort and security. Sexual dysfunction is a completely normal condition that can be treated, just like any other feminine issue.


Causes for Sexual Dysfunction

The cause for Female Sexual Dysfunction can vary from woman to woman. Any form of sexual disorder is closely affected by several factors in a person’s life. Some of the most common causes are listed below.

  • Medical conditions – Serious conditions such as cancer or the use of prescription medication may be the root source of a sexual disorder.
  • Hormonal changes – When going through menopause, the body creates lower levels of estrogen, which may lead to sexual issues.
  • Psychological blockage – Women suffering from depression, anxiety, a negative self-image, high stress levels, or other forms of psychological issues can find it difficult to achieve a positive sexual experience.
  • Infection – Bladder infection or infection of the vagina can also lead to dysfunction.


Effects of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Similarly to the causes, the effect Female Sexual Dysfunction can have on an individual can differ in each case. Each effect can have a significant impact on a person’s day to day life or intimate relationships. Our professionals at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women want to help you identify your unique symptoms and find the solutions that best work for you. These effects usually include:

  • Lack of sexual interest
  • Difficulty becoming aroused
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Anorgasmia (the absence of orgasm)


Female Sexual Dysfunction can take a toll on romantic relationships and marriages. If you are experiencing this condition, you may be feeling lost and distressed. Our professionals at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women are here to reassure you that you are not alone. We understand how trying this condition can be and will work tirelessly to find solutions that are right for you. Every woman is different and, depending on your unique situation, treatment can vary.

When visiting our center, we will first perform an in-depth evaluation to determine where the issue lies and whether it is tied to a greater, underlying condition. A pelvic exam and pap smear may also be administered in order to inspect the reproductive organs and screen for cancerous cells. With your help and contribution of information on lifestyle changes or emotional obstacles, our dedicated medical professionals will guide you towards effective treatment options.

Don’t suffer in silence any longer. Contact Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women today at (305) 595-6488 to find solutions for your Female Sexual Dysfunction issues, or click here for more information on Women’s Sexual Health.