Birth Control Care in Kendall

Birth Control Care in Kendall

IUD Birth Control from a Trusted Female Gynecologist in Kendall

Historically,  few women chose the intrauterine device, or IUD, as their method of contraception. However, it might come as a surprise that gynecologists recommend IUD birth control care over any other method. 

Read on to learn more information on IUD birth control from Dr. Susan Fox and her team.

Why Gynecology Specialists Prefer IUD Birth Control Care

The IUD is one of the best birth control solutions because it is effective, safe, and very easy to use. Although some women suffer from specific health issues and cannot rely on birth control methods that utilize estrogen, very few women cannot use IUD birth control.

A specialist must insert the intrauterine device. Once it is in place, it goes into effect immediately and can protect against pregnancy from five to twelve years, depending on the specific type of IUD implanted.

The IUD is dissimilar to birth control pills that require ingestion on a daily basis in that it needs virtually no maintenance one placed by a gynecologist. Intrauterine device birth control care is also 99 percent effective. IUDs also differ from traditional birth control because women experience an increased chance of pregnancy after immediately stopping device use.

Misconceptions About IUDs

Although the IUD is well-supported by gynecology experts, this birth control method still has yet to gain significant popularity in the United States. This could be due to a number of misconceptions that IUDs can lead to infertility, and should only be used by women who don’t want children.

The concern about infertility stems from significant issues occurring in the 1970s when the very first IUD device was associated with pelvic inflammatory disease, a common cause of infertility.

Unfortunately, these situations were largely due to a general increase in sexually-transmitted infections during this time. This contributed to a large rate of infections seen in female patients using the device.

Gynecologists now test women for infections prior to putting in IUD birth control care. This eliminates virtually all of the risk or danger.

We now understand that IUDs don’t cause infection, but because of these issues decades ago, many women believe the myth that the contraceptive will lead to infertility. To the contrary, hormonal IUDs can actually lead cervical mucus to thicken, mitigating the potential for pelvic inflammatory disease.

IUD Birth Control in Kendall | How Does it Work?

The intrauterine device is a small, T-shaped fixture that takes about five minutes for a gynecologist to place within the uterus. Patients in the United States can access two different types of IUDs:

  • Hormonal IUD
  • Copper IUD

Hormonal IUDs like Mirena or Kyleena release progestin levonorgestrel. This prevents pregnancy by thickening cervical mucus so sperm cannot reach and fertilize the egg. Hormonal IUDs additionally thin out the inner uterine lining to impair implantation. 

Lighter periods are a side effect of hormonal IUD birth control care. Hormonal IUDs may also interrupt cycles, but most women experience very little changes to their ovulation.

Copper IUDs work by releasing copper irons into the cervix and relies on no hormones. The presence of copper makes the uterus a hostile environment for sperm for up to 10 years. By eliminating the sperm in the uterus, copper IUDs prevent the possibility of egg fertilization.

30 years of science now back up IUDs as safe and effective in birth control. While intrauterine devices don’t represent some magical, risk-free, cure-all, the IUD remains recommended by the majority of gynecologists as the easiest and most effective birth control treatment.

Birth Control Care in Kendall | Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women

So, what do gynecologists understand about IUDs that the rest of us don’t? They remove the stress related to pregnancy prevention efficiently, and effectively. This is a huge benefit to women seeking birth control care anywhere.

Our trusted female OBGYN Dr. Susan Fox commits to helping patients in the Kendall area, and all throughout South Florida with their birth control needs. When you need help deciding on the best birth control method for your needs, speak with a specialist from our center for women and we can guide you through your various options.

Dr. Susan Fox and the team can analyze your birth control fitness by:

  • Ensuring you aren’t already pregnant
  • Discussing your sexual history
  • Checking your uterus’ position
  • Determining monthly bleeding patterns
  • Helping you decide on fertility goals

To learn more about birth control care in Kendall and your comprehensive reproductive health and wellness, contact our team today!