Birth Control Care in Miami

​Birth Control Care in Miami

Birth Control Specialists

Birth control is a way to prevent or delay pregnancy until you are ready to have children. Although the best way to prevent pregnancy is abstinence, there are many other effective forms of birth control.

At Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women’s Health, we work with our patients to provide birth control care in Miami that fits our patient’s lifestyle, medical needs, and preferences.

When it comes to options, there is a wide variety of contraceptive choices for women to choose, some birth control options include:

  • Birth control pills
  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  • Patches
  • Permanent birth control

A popular method of birth control care is the IUD or intrauterine device. Read on to learn more about this innovative birth control method.

IUD Birth Control 

An intrauterine device is a small plastic device that is implanted into the uterine wall and contains either hormones or copper, which prevents egg fertilization.

A medical professional will insert the intrauterine device, which is shaped like a “T” and is slightly larger than a quarter into the uterus, therefore effectively stopping sperm from reaching and fertilizing the eggs.

IUDs have a 99% success rate making it an effective birth control care choice for women. IUDs that contain copper can remain in place for up to 12 years. 

However, you must replace hormone-releasing devices every five years.

Advantage and Disadvantages

The primary benefit of the IUD is simple. Aside from checking the affixed string to make sure it remains in place, you won’t need to worry about this birth control care method. The IUD additionally leaves the hormone and copper levels inside your body unaltered.

Unfortunately, some companies offering IUDs more than 20 years ago created a negative stigma because of limited options in construction. Due to medical advances, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Medical Association (AMA) rate the IUD highly as one of the safest and most effective methods of birth control care for women.

Women should be aware and monitor their IUDs because if the IUD shifts or slips out, you won’t possess any protection against pregnancy. Nevertheless, you can regularly check if the string and the affixed IUD remains in place.

Finally, you may experience some mild cramping upon the insertion of an IUD. Some women also report heavier bleeding within the first few months after treatment. However, these situations remain exceptionally rare.

It is important to remember that an IUD offers no protection against a sexually transmitted infection or disease., so it is recommended you still utilize a condom in conjunction with IUD birth control.

Information on Birth Control Care in Miami from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women’s Health

The IUD birth control method continues to increase in popularity all over the world. Many women consider this intervention as the best contraceptive for women over birth control pills or injections.

The IUD requires no form of daily maintenance or intake aside from checking the string and the IUD’s position. IUD users feel comfortable knowing they possess a reliable birth control method at all times without needing to remember to maintain it consistently.

Our team from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women’s Health relies on product selections in birth control care in Miami that remain subject to stringent testing and approval. Our selections have very minimal side effects in the majority of patients.

IUD birth control is a virtually effortless method that women can depend on. A specialist will administer this birth control procedure in a comfortable, welcoming environment. The procedure is minimally invasive, requiring a relatively similar procedure to a typical pap smear examination.

Our team can offer a variety of IUD selections, and all remain safe, effective, and reversible with various advantages. To learn more about these selections and how our team can help you with your birth control selections, contact the caring and professional staff from our center today!