Birth Control in Kendall

Birth Control in Kendall

Birth Control in Kendall – Some Methods Work Better Than Others

The most effective way to prevent pregnancy is abstinence. Unfortunately, within the first year of committing to abstinence, many couples become pregnant anyway because they will have sex without proper protection. For this reason, it remains a good idea for people that don’t even plan on having to sex to wield the appropriate education on birth control in Kendall.

Couples that remain sexually active need to utilize birth control in Kendall properly to prevent pregnancy. When a woman wants a birth control method that works, one of the safest and most effective methods is the intrauterine device or IUD.

A physician inserts the IUD into the woman’s uterus. This device can remain in place for five to twelve years. It imparts minimal side effects and represents an exceptionally effective contraceptive with proper use.

How IUD Birth Control in Kendall Works

An IUD is a small plastic device that contains either or a hormone or copper. It works by preventing egg fertilization or preventing fertilized egg implantation into the uterine wall.

A specialist will insert the IUD into the uterus through the cervix during a menstruation period. The device’s design is affixed with a small string that hangs down from the end, protruding through the cervix and into the vagina.

IUDs that employ copper may remain in place for up to twelve years after implementation. However, the types that release small dosages of hormones require replacement after only five years.

IUD Birth Control in Kendall Advantages

The primary advantage of an IUD is that the woman does not need to worry about it. Nevertheless, they should check the string to ensure that the IUD remains in place. The IUD also does not change the hormone or copper levels within a woman’s body.

IUDs previously faced a notable amount of controversy due to particular products imparting issues before removal from the market. Similar brands also removed their products from the market on their own out of fear for potential lawsuits.

However, this took place over 20 years ago, and the World Health Organization, in addition to the American Medical Association view the IUD as one of the safest and most effective temporary birth control methods available for women.

IUD in Kendall Disadvantages

As a result of previous controversies concerning IUD use and the subtle differences between the two basic designs, it is always important to discuss the situation with a physician before deciding whether or not to rely on this method of birth control in Kendall.

IUDs may also slip out, and a woman may not even realize that it has gone. When this occurs, the woman no longer remains protected against pregnancy. For this reason, women must ensure that they check the IUD is in position before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Women may also experience some mild cramping when a specialist first inserts the IUD. Some women may also bleed more heavily during menstruation over the initial few months. Additional patients report a pelvic infection, but this situation is rare.

In extremely atypical situations, the IUD may push up into the uterus. This can cause other types of complications and requires intervention from a medical professional.

It remains essential as with all hormonal methods that women remember that n IUD provides no protection against sexually transmitted infections or diseases. If any chance of infection from a partner exists, women should utilize a condom in conjunction with their method of birth control in Kendall.

Birth Control in KendallBirth Control in Kendall from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women

Many women choose to use an IUD as opposed to birth control pills for their birth control in Kendall. This is mainly due to an IUD requiring no form of daily intake or maintenance. IUD users often find significant comfort in knowing they possess a reliable form of birth control in place at all times without potential determent by forgetfulness.

Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women only utilizes birth control products that are subject to the strictest testing and approval. These selections cause only minimal side effects in the vast majority of female users.

An IUD represents a virtually effortless route to pregnancy prevention in a safe and minimally invasive procedure. We offer various IUD selections for our patients to choose from, and all remain safe, effective, and reversible with multiple advantages.

To learn more about birth control in Kendall from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women, contact us today!