Birth Control in South Miami

Birth Control in South Miami

Understanding IUD Birth Control in South Miami

IUDs or intrauterine devices do not represent new technology. Nevertheless, their popularity continues to rise. Women all across the United States rely on IUDs to help them manage their birth control.

IUD birth control in South Miami is a small device that a specialist places inside of the uterus to prevent pregnancy. This is a long-term, reversible procedure, as well as one of the most effective birth control modalities out there today.

This small piece of flexible plastic is shaped like a “T.” It works by changing the way that sperm cells move, preventing them from reaching an egg. When the sperm cannot reach the egg for fertilization, pregnancy cannot occur.

Some IUDs use copper to prevent pregnancy. The copper keeps the sperm away, making it virtually impossible for them to fertilize the egg and effectively preventing pregnancy altogether.

Other IUDs rely on hormones to prevent pregnancy in two primary ways. They thicken the mucus that lives in the sperm. This blocks and traps the sperm. Some other hormonal IUDs stop the eggs from leaving the ovaries (also called ovulation. What this means is that no egg remains present for sperm to fertilize. With no egg, no pregnancy can take place.

The Benefits of IUD Birth Control in South Miami

IUD birth control in South Miami is one of the best ways to help individuals prevent pregnancy. They can also last for years. This means that you can forget about the IUD entirely while remaining protected.

IUD Birth Control is Extremely Effective

IUD birth control offers great, long-term protection against pregnancy. In fact, an IUD is better than 99% effective. This method primarily works as well as sterilization or a birth control implant.

One of the reasons that an IUS is so effective is because you basically can’t mess it up. It resides inside of you, so you can’t forget to use it like a pill or a ring. This also stops situations with incorrect use. Many patients refer to IUD birth control in South Miami as the “set and forget” form of birth control.

An IUD is Actually Pretty Convenient

Once a specialist implements an IUD, the patient barely needs to think about it. The system works until it expires, or the individual has it removed. This means no late-night trips to the pharmacy. No installing right before coitus; and no “oopsies” due to forgetfulness after a rough day or a night of drinking.

When Individuals Want to Get Pregnant, They Can Just Take Out the IUD

The IUD procedure remains entirely reversible. If a woman decides that she wants to get pregnant, she can visit a specialist to remove it at any time. This system also doesn’t affect their fertility or create difficulties regarding pregnancy in the future. They can get pregnant as soon as they remove the IUD.

IUDs Can Improve Periods

Hormonal IUDs can help patients alleviate cramps while making periods lighter. Some individuals stop experiencing periods altogether. Hormonal IUDs remain a viable treatment to help patients that may remain afflicted with severe cramps, heavy periods, as well as anemia.

Copper IUDs Don’t Contain Hormones

Many people choose the copper IUD because it doesn’t contain hormones. This also might represent the only type of birth control in South Miami that they can use due to medical issues in relation to hormones. Nonetheless, a copper IUD remains very effective at preventing pregnancy while relying on no hormones at all.

Copper IUDs Can Act as Emergency Contraceptives

When an individual sees a specialist for copper IUD implementation within five days after unprotected sex, the method remains over 99 percent effective against pregnancy. Once installed, the system keeps preventing pregnancy for up to 12 years.

Assistance with Birth Control in South Miami from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women’s Health

Obviously, not every birth control method is ideal for every individual. However, something to consider regarding IUD birth control in South Miami is that they impart a very successful satisfaction rate. IUD users demonstrate the highest rate of continuation within the first year amongst all birth control procedures.

Nevertheless, every person is different and may respond differently to medication. For this reason, visiting with a care specialist to help with birth control is essential for a positive outcome.

Our team from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women’s Health takes pride in helping our patients select the birth control in South Miami that’s right for them. To learn more, contact our dedicated staff today!