April 24, 2020

Avoid a Quarantine Baby Boom: Use IUD Birth Control

IUD Birth Control in Miami

You Should Stay on Your Birth Control During Quarantine

Shelter-in-place orders around the country sparked conversations about a Coronavirus baby boom. The baby boom discussion is based on research showing that births often spike after disasters. 

However, the coronavirus has many people rethinking their plans for children. It is questionable if we will see a Corona baby boom as many people are concerned about the future. 

For those who are holding off on having children and may have questions about birth control care options here in Miami, Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women’s Health, OBGYN in Miami, has some information that we hope will help.

Staying on Birth Control

No one has any real clear idea about how long social distancing and isolation might last. Nonetheless, we must all remember that it will all be over eventually.

If you still feel like you don’t want to get pregnant whenever that day comes, it is important to stay on IUD birth control in Miami, or whatever method you choose.

The circumstances and transformations to day-to-day life is not an adequate excuse to cease birth control care in Miami.

Many birth control methods take weeks before becoming entirely effective. This means that if you stop taking birth control only to begin again when the quarantine ends, you could get pregnant during sexual activity immediately after the restart.

Leaving the House to Get Birth Control

A pharmacy may not seem like where you want to be right now.

However, there are numerous other ways to go about attaining birth control care in Miami.

Numerous pharmacies provide convenient delivery and pickup solutions.

You can also work out scheduling an appointment with your OBGYN in Miami for birth control care and analysis.

Although they only provide care and prescriptions, they could recommend safe options or a pharmacy that offers delivery, drive-thru, or pickup services.

Other Reasons to  Stay on Birth Control

Birth control can help you deal with other symptoms that could begin again. Unfortunately, should this occur, it may only make experiences during the quarantine period even worse.

Some women may begin birth control administration due to endometriosis, heavy and painful periods, acne, and various other medical conditions.

Similarly, with any variations and irregularities with menstrual cycles, you should probably stay on birth control as well, regardless if this means IUD birth control in Miami, the pill, or other contraceptive methods.

Some women regulate their cycles with birth control. They may not get a period, but without birth control care in Miami, they may experience chronic estrogen deficiencies. This means risks of thinner, weaker bones over time, and several other detrimental side effects.

Information on Birth Control During Quarantine from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women’s Health

Some differences that patients could experience ceasing birth control during quarantine (or any other time for that matter) include:

  • Increase in sex drive and function
  • Restored ovulation for those experiencing regular menstrual cycles
  • Stronger period symptoms such as acne, mood swings, etc.
  • Stronger and increased period pain in general

With this information, you should certainly do your best to make the best decision for your needs.

For the most part, the best choice is staying on birth control for the time being during quarantine, just to be safe.

You can always contact our OBGYN in Miami from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women’s Health to learn more and get their opinions!

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