January 11, 2019

What On Earth is a Period Cup?

Best Menstrual Cups

What You Need to Know About Menstrual Cups

Its that time of the month again. Your menstrual cycle is here, and many women have mixed reviews. Some women are happy to see their period as it signals the doubt of an unplanned pregnancy and some women see their week ruined because of mother nature. Your menstrual cycle restricts the outfits you can wear, affects your mood, and also isn’t fun at all.

During a menstrual cycle, most think there are two options for period hygiene: a tampon or a pad. Using a pad brings you back to your middle school days and tampons leak can cause bacterial infections and can get expensive.  What’s left to use? Menstrual cups. We’ve gathered the Best Menstrual Cups that allow you to ditch the plastic. Let’s start with what on earth is a period cup?

What is a period cup?

A period cup is a tool that that is used just as a tampon or pad. It keeps your menstrual blood from leaking and ruining your panties and fire outfit. The cup is indeed shaped like a cup and is made from materials like latex. Because the cup is flexible, it can be easily maneuvered in and out of the vagina. Once inserted, the cup fills with blood just as a tampon or pad does. After a few hours, you can take the cup out, wash it, and then reinsert or store it away.

How do you use it?

Most may think that using a menstrual cup is complicated. When you’re used to using pads and tampons, it may seem frightening, but we have your back.

First, you should fold the cup in half, then again if you can. Once the cup is folded, you can insert it into your vagina until you reach the cervix. Twist the cup a bit, and it should pop open and into a circular shape. Once the cup is inserted correctly, you should feel nothing.

Very few women complain of the cup pressing against their bladder, but if so, using a different-sized cup is recommended. The cup can be used for up to 12 hours a day or depending on your flow, shorter or longer. Since tampons need to be changed every four and eight hours, cups are perfect for those who do not have access to a bathroom as often.

How much are they?

A menstrual cup usually costs anywhere between $15 and $25. You can reuse the same up for many years, unlike tampons and pads that only have one use. Cups can be found at the same place you purchase tampons and pads from including the grocery store and pharmacy.

Reuse and Recycle:

One of the best things about menstrual cups is that they are environmentally friendly. According to research, tampons are used by over 100 million women in the world, and they are not recyclable. This means most women are causing over 300 pounds of tampon and plastic to go to a landfill. Imagine dumping hundreds of tampon filth into the earth. A period cup is reusable and can be used for years to come.

The Best Menstrual Cups | Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women

The Best Menstrual Cups on the market are the Diva cups, Lunette, and Ruby cups. All of these are perfect cups for beginners as they are incredibly flexible and durable and have great reviews. In all, period cups can seem to be a bit frightening, but they are real money and waste savers. For more information about period cups or to schedule an appointment, please feel free to give us a call.

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