June 12, 2020

Coronavirus Update from Our Team!

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Updates From Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women from Your Trusted OBGYN in Kendall

As our county continues to re-open, our team from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women continues to monitor updates pertaining to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We want you to know that we are placing our patients’ safety and wellbeing at the forefront of any procedures and processes at our office. 

Read on to learn more from our team about what we’re doing to ensure our patients remain safe and protected.

What Precautions Are Gynecologist, Dr. Susan Fox and Her Staff are Taking

Our office at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women is open, and we are providing necessary medical care to our patients. With the phased reopening declared by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, we are operating fully, but we have implemented safety measures for our patients and staff.

However, Dr. Susan Fox and our trusted OBGYN team here in Kendall are taking several precautions to limit the risk and spread of coronavirus.

These include:

  • Face Masks: All patients visiting our facility must wear a facemask upon entering, and throughout their care with us. 
  • Social Distancing: Our office is practicing social distancing. This means maintaining 6 ft. of distance in the waiting room. Should an instance arise when our staff becomes too busy in the waiting room, we encourage that patients wait in their car, we will call when their appointment time arrives.
  • Patients Only: Our team is also not allowing any guests during appointments. The only exception to this rule is a parent accompanying a patient that is a minor.

If we observe any individual with respiratory and COVID-19 symptoms, we cannot and will not see these patients and ask them to return home. We offer televisits as an easy alternative.

Telemedicine Gynecology | Trusted Female OBGYN in Kendall

Telemedicine appointments: Televisits are a convenient way to discuss test results with a gynecologist or other specialist, as well as to address any questions or concerns on reproductive and women’s health.

Our staff will also rely on this communication method to determine if a patient should come in for an appointment or not based on their unique, individual circumstances or condition. 

Telemedicine gynecology alleviates many issues not only with coronavirus COVID-19 and the issues it provides but additionally enables patients additional time and attention with a qualified specialist to address their needs from a safe, comfortable environment, their own home.

Coronavirus Precautions and Telemedicine Gynecology | Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women

These precautions and safety measures, as outlined, will remain the status quo with our gynecology team until the CDC, WHO, and the United States Government provides additional notice otherwise.

The safety and health of our patients at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women has always represented a priority. Our team has always committed to following strict, regimented, precautions for cleaning, and disinfecting our office, implementing more stringent measures due to the unique health risks that coronavirus COVID-19 poses.

To learn more about telemedicine gynecology and the ways that you can receive women’s healthcare from our trusted female OBGYN in Kendall, patients all over the South Florida community can visit our website, or contact us today!

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