April 18, 2018

Puking Every Morning? Irritable at Every Hour? Craving Pickles? You Might Want to Come into Our Office.


Think That You Might Be Pregnant?

Here are Some Early Pregnancy Signs from Our OBGYN Miami!

If you decided on trying for a baby recently, you might suddenly experience some early signs of pregnancy. However, with so much rhetoric out there concerning early signs, what is a pregnancy symptom, and what isn’t?

It is important to remember that every woman is different, and every pregnancy is unique. You may display absolutely no pregnancy signs, yet you’re still pregnant. There is absolutely no reason to give up hope if you don’t experience early pregnancy symptoms.

Contrarily, if you experience various pregnancy symptoms, you might not be pregnant. Take any exhibited symptoms with a grain of salt, while also remaining in tune with your body.

If you see or feel any of the following signs, wait a few days before buying a pregnancy test. Our OBGYN Miami recommends this due to the negative emotions that a negative test result can instill.

Early Pregnancy Signs

Sleep (or lack of sleep)

Irregular sleep patterns often serve as an early indicator that something is going on with your system. These might demonstrate as insomnia, disturbed, and restless sleep, as well as intense, vivid dreams. If you experience these aforementioned conditions, this might represent a sign that your body is busy growing a baby


Do you feel hotter and more irritable than usual? As a woman’s body ovulates, her internal temperature rises. If you are experiencing higher temperatures, this might serve as an early indication of pregnancy.

Spotting and implantation bleeding

This is extremely common and often the first pregnancy sign that women experience. Period-like pain and cramping often accompany spotting and implantation bleeding. You may feel bloated and even see an extremely early baby bump.

A heightened sense of smell

Most mothers post-pregnancy remember their heightened senses. This includes a heightened sense of smell during the earliest pregnancy stages. The heightened sense of smell includes familiar things smelling off or odd, as well as the most innocent scents sending future moms to the restroom.

Nausea, aversion, and cravings

The sense of smell naturally leads right into nausea, aversions, and cravings. Full-on morning sickness often takes some time to develop. However, in early pregnancy, you may feel slightly queasy. This is especially true when you add in heightened olfactory senses resulting in bad smells everywhere.

It is common for pregnant women to begin abstaining from their daily favorites. These might include tea, coffee, and alcohol. Newly pregnant mothers might also develop new and off cravings for very bland food or carbohydrates.

Mother’s Intuition

Although there is little scientific explanation for the phenomena, there is something to be said about mother’s intuition. Many newly pregnant moms simply just possess a feeling about pregnancy. Nonetheless, this situation is not exclusive to mothers.

You may notice pets and toddlers clinging to you more and more before you find out about a pregnancy. It is additionally a common circumstance to display an increased emotional level. Cry a little bit too much at this week’s TV show? This may represent an early sign of your pregnancy.

Dr. Susan Fox – OBGYN Miami

Dr. Susan Fox is an educated, qualified, and capable OBGYN specialist with years of experience in the field. She dedicates her career to helping patients with their gynecological needs. This includes pregnancy issues.

If you need an OBGYN Miami or think that you might be pregnant, contact Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women to find out how we can help you!

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