October 11, 2019

Moving Towards Menopause? Here Are 5 Key Things To Prepare For

Menopause Symptoms

Preparing for Menopause Symptoms

Menopause is not something many women are comfortable talking about, yet it can play a huge role in a woman’s life. If you’re getting closer to this stage of your life, here are some menopause symptoms you should look out for:

Hot Flashes

When most people think of menopause, they usually think of hot flashes. Hot flashes are sudden feelings of warmth or heat throughout your body.

A common example of a hot flash is when you are in a cool area of your home or workplace, yet you suddenly experience a wave or “flash” of heat throughout your body.

When this happens, it is typically a hot flash, especially if you are the only one who feels hot while others do not. After experiencing a hot flash, you may then feel cold.

Night sweats are hot flashes that occur while you are sleeping. For some women, night sweats can become a real problem as they can disrupt sleep patterns.

Menopause symptoms are different for every woman, and hot flashes are no different.

While you may experience mild hot flashes, other women may suffer from them more often or with more severity. Make sure to have a conversation with your doctor to address any of your concerns.

Hot flashes are one of the most common menopause symptoms, ranging from mild to severe.

Memory Loss

Memory loss is another common menopause symptom. However, it sounds more serious than it usually is. During middle age, it’s normal for both men and women to experience minor memory loss, which can worsen due to stress. If you or those around you are concerned, then speak with your doctor.

Irregular Periods

Menopause signals a pause in your menstruation cycle. Typically a woman begins to have irregular periods around middle age. This irregularity is a sign of perimenopause. A woman is not in menopause until she hasn’t had a period for a full year. Before that point, you may experience periods that are lighter or heavier or last a different amount of days than they used to in the past. As you long as you still have your period, you’re still able to get pregnant, although it is difficult.

Once you’ve reached menopause, at this point, any sign of a period is not typical. So, even if you see a little spotting, speak to your OBGYN right away.

Changes in Sexuality

Your sexual urges often change due to menopause. Some women experience lower sex drives, while others experience lower drives. Depending on your body, you might feel more aroused often and enjoy having sex because you won’t have to worry about getting pregnant anymore. On the other hand, you might enjoy sex less and find it difficult to become aroused due to hormone shifts. Changes in sexual urges are typical menopause symptoms, but the changes can be discussed with your doctor if you have concerns.

Sleep Troubles

Women who have never had insomnia might experience it for the first time as they near menopause. In some cases, night sweats can accompany insomnia. However, if your sleeping problems worsen to a point that’s hindering your life, you should speak to a doctor.

Sleep troubles are another one of the menopause symptoms that you may experience.

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