May 11, 2018

Tips For Combating Miami’s Notorious Humidity and Heat this May



If you’ve ever spent Spring in South Florida, you are well aware of how any given day in the month of May can rival that of a sweltering, Summer afternoon. In order to prepare for the warmer weather and intense humidity that is upon us, you need to consider all aspects, including your feminine health. Keeping everything fresh and under control can be quite challenging at times here in South Florida, but Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women’s OBGYN Miami has the tips you need to combat Miami’s notorious humidity and heat this May!

During exceptionally hot weather, women face the risk of developing bacterial issues and have increased chances of contracting gynecological diseases. This is in part due to the kinds of clothes that are typically worn by women during these months. While shorts and skirts may provide some much-needed ventilation while out in the hot air, they can become breeding grounds for vaginitis. Everyone tends to sweat more in this climate, which in turn causes constant retention of moisture in the feminine region.

In order to avoid the development of any complications, experts recommend avoiding clothing that is skin tight when you will be outdoors for long periods of time. Clothing that is made from breathable materials, such as 100% cotton, and provides some room for the skin to air out can go a long way.

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When it comes to underwear, professionals will also advise that you stay away from synthetic materials like lycra and nylon that have a tendency to trap moisture and become a breeding ground for yeast infections. Opt for cotton underwear instead and take advantage of its breathability and absorbency properties. Not to mention, it is typically a much more comfortable and softer material to wear during those warmer days.

Aside from the kinds of clothes you are wearing this May, you should also be mindful of being extra hygienic. Your feminine health should be managed just as frequently as any other part of your body. This is particularly important during menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum, and periods of excess vaginal discharge. However, your hygiene routine is only effective if it is executed correctly.

Many women are shocked once they learn that they have not been approaching vaginal cleansing correctly for their entire lives. In order to keep your feminine regions balanced, you should avoid the use of any products that contain strong, added fragrances and antiseptics, and you should only douche if specifically directed by your doctor. Instead, ask our medical professionals at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women which feminine hygiene products are recommended and safe for you to use on a daily basis.

In addition, women should be mindful to cleanse before and after intimacy and quickly change their clothes after periods of heavy sweating. If you are planning to hit the pool to cool off, experts advise that any form of hair removal you perform on the bikini line be done 24 to 48 hours prior to exposure to either chlorinated or sea water.

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If you follow this advice provided by the professionals at our OBGYN Miami, you will be fully prepared to withstand the heat and humidity that this season is sure to bring. Receive expert gynecological and obstetrical treatment by Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women today and call (305) 595-6488 or click here to schedule your appointment now!

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