September 13, 2019

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Breastfeeding Your Newborn Baby

reasons to breastfeed

Looking for Reasons to Breastfeed?

Breastfeeding is a pivotal part of motherhood and nurturing a newborn baby, but what happens if you don’t? Here are ten of the best reasons to breastfeed that you should keep in mind if you’re unsure.

Lower Risk of Cancer

Surprisingly, breastfeeding could lower the risks of having breast cancer, according to a fair amount of scientific studies. Babies who are breastfed as opposed to formula-fed have lower rates of breast cancer when they are adults. It is not known why exactly breastfeeding newborn baby girls reduces their risk of cancer, but there is enough of a statistically significant correlation that the results of these studies are enough to convince any mother to breastfeed her child. With over 45 studies in thirty different countries, breastfeeding has proven to be a monumental part of human life, so it’s no wonder that these studies show that it can help prevent one of the most life-threatening diseases.

Better Digestion

Another one of our best reasons to breastfeed is to aid in the digestion of your newborn. Formula-feeding babies involves using cow’s milk, which has about twice the amount of protein than human milk does. Not only will formula-feeding your child cause you to give your child more protein than he or she needs, but the protein in cow’s milk is not as easily digestible as human milk. This can be seen in your baby’s stool, which will appear more bulky and abnormal if you feed your baby cow’s milk with formula. Ultimately, nutritionists recommend breastfeeding your children.

Improved Immune System

One of the key reasons to breastfeed is simply that it strengthens your baby’s immune system. While formula does not have many health benefits, breast milk has powerful antibodies that have been statistically proven to help babies have fewer illnesses than those who are formula-fed. From the flu to pneumonia to bronchitis, your baby is better off drinking breast milk to be more protected from these illnesses.

Among our reasons to breastfeed is that you will help your baby have a healthier immune system.

Prevention Against Diseases

Speaking of your baby’s immune system, even more, reasons to breastfeed are how beneficial it is for preventing your child from contracting diseases like Type 1 and 2 diabetes and Crohn’s Disease. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and putting your child at risk of contracting life-threatening illnesses and diseases is not worth it.

Better Bonding

The feeling of holding your child in your arms is indescribable. Again, one of the main reasons to breastfeed is how much of a better bonding time you’ll have with your baby if they latch on to you instead of a prepared bottle. By inciting the release of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone,” you and your baby will feel closer to each other and feel more love for each other through breastfeeding.

Mother and newborn baby having bonding time, which is one of the many reasons to breastfeed your child.

Protection Against Defects

For the entire time you decide to breastfeed your child, your milk is the only source of vitamin A that your baby will receive, which is crucial for vision development. Breast milk will ultimately prevent your child from developing vision defects.

Free and Easy

Your own breast milk is free, and all you have to do is let your baby latch on. Formula-feeding is another struggle entirely, and it involves shopping for bottles, formula, and supplies, as well as taking time to mix it at home, heat it, refrigerate it and clean up any mess.

The Right Ingredients

Your own milk has just the right ingredients in just the right amount for your baby, which no formula can do. The composition of your milk will change depending on your child’s needs providing your newborn with the best form of nutrition they could ever receive.

One of our top reasons to breastfeed is because formula-feeding just doesn’t have the right ingredients that breastmilk has.

The Right Temperature

Your own breast milk will always be the right temperature, as opposed to formula milk. If you heat it improperly, you could burn your baby’s mouth, so why bother with formula when breast milk is the easiest solution.

The Right Remedy

If your baby does get sick, formula-feeding could make your child feel even worse while breastfeeding aids in helping your child recover and feel better. The antibodies and easily digestible composition of your own milk will help with any respiratory illnesses that make your baby produce more mucus.

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