October 19, 2018

Top 3 Reasons Why IUD’s are America’s Number 1 Contraceptive for the Career-Oriented Women

IUD Birth Control

Why Women are using IUD Birth Control

With a busy schedule including your job, maintaining relationships, and protecting your sanity, bringing a child into the world may not be ideal. Women are turning to birth control specifically to sustain their current lifestyle. However, with all the different types of contraceptives on the market, it may be hard to choose. Many women are using IUD Birth Control, which suits the career-oriented woman on the go. You can trust Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women located in Miami to insert whichever IUD is right for you. You have enough on your plate to worry about. You don’t need a potential unplanned pregnancy being another one.

What is the IUD?

It is incredibly effective:

The Intrauterine Device, or IUD for short, is a birth control method that is implanted in the uterus. You can rest assured that this device is well worth it considering. It is over 99 percent effective, making it the perfect solution for women who want birth control long-term. You no longer have to worry about remembering to take a pill every day. Once the IUD is inserted there is less than a 1 percent chance of pregnancy that should leave you stress-free when it comes to birth control.

Types of IUD Birth Control

You can choose the length of your pregnancy prevention:

There are two kinds of IUDs, the copper IUD, known as ParaGard, and the hormone IUD, either Mirena or Skyla. The difference between these IUD Birth Control options lies within the length of pregnancy prevention. ParaGard prevents pregnancy for as long as ten years, whereas Skyla prevents pregnancy for three years. Lying right in between the two is Mirena which prevents pregnancy for five years. IUDs have become so popular due to the one-and-done way that it works. Rather than setting an alarm for a daily reminder to take your birth control pills, or relying on condoms to prevent pregnancy, once implanted, the IUD doesn’t need changing or maintenance for many years in most cases. Career women can keep one extra thing off their to-do list, and a significant item at that.

You can resume your menstrual cycle at-will:

Mirena is one of the better IUD options especially for women that have had children or women who hope to have children at some point in the future. It is immediately removable, and fertility will resume after device removal. So not only do you not have to worry about getting pregnant when you don’t want to, you don’t have to worry about not being able to get pregnant when you do want to. It is the most flexible option for IUD Birth Control inserts available and can prevent pregnancy for up to 5 years.

Birth Control from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women

Receive expert gynecological and IUD Birth Control procedures at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women. Explore our wide variety of contraceptive options and put your unplanned pregnancy worries to rest. If you decide that an IUD is right for you, give us a call at (305) 595-6488 to set up an appointment or click here to reach one of our professionals right now!

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