February 1, 2017

What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure? Are You a Candidate?

Vagina Reconstruction in Miami

Vagina Reconstruction in Miami

Have you ever heard of Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome? Many women experience this syndrome after going through either childbirth, age, pelvic surgery, or extreme weight loss! When women have Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome, this can tamper with their intimate lives and reduce their self-esteem. Because we understand that going through something like this affects so many women, we want to help! At Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women, we offer Vagina Reconstruction in Miami to help you feel confident in your body again!

Vaginal reconstruction, also known as Vaginoplasty, is “a functional procedure in order to tighten the inner and outer muscles of the vaginal structure. The result is an increase in strength, control, and overall muscle tone of the vagina.”

The reason we recommend this procedure so often to women is that vaginal relaxation is uncomfortable in more ways than one! Vaginal relaxation causes different bladder issues, sexual dissatisfaction, bowel complications, and can even be painful at times.

Vaginoplasty Treatment in Miami

Our Vagina Reconstruction in Miami can give you another chance to feel confident again! If you feel like you are a stranger in your own body because of the discomfort you are experiencing from vaginal relaxation, then seeking out Dr. Susan Fox immediately is the best option for you and your overall happiness and well-being.

As stated on our website, “Women who have opted for this procedure claim to see huge improvements in their personal lives, as well as their relationships with their significant others.” So why not let us help you improve your life with our vaginal reconstruction treatment today!

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If you or someone you know is suffering from vaginal relaxation, don’t be shy or afraid to seek professional help! At Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women, we are always more than happy to help change the lives of the women that come through our front doors. Together, we can help you regain your sexual lives, happiness, and healthiness back on track!

For more information on our Vagina Reconstruction in Miami, call us today at 305-595-6488 or click here to make an appointment online with us today!

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