July 7, 2017

How Often Should You Go in for a Well Woman Exam? Schedule Yours Today!

Well Woman Health Check

Well Woman Health Check

Making sure that your body is healthy and working as it should is important for every woman. It can seem scary or anxious to go to the gynecologist because you may not know what to expect on a visit. However, at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women, our Well Woman Health Check will keep you up to date on and informed about your health. It is important to have a health check-up at least once a year so you can adequately know what is going on with your health.

A Well Woman Health Check at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women consists of a Pap smear test and a pelvic exam. Having a regular Pap smear test at a gynecologist is important to be informed about your health. This test screens a woman’s cervix for cancerous cells. Your physician will take cells from the inside of your cervix to be examined in a laboratory for any abnormalities. It may feel uncomfortable at first but does not leave any damage or side effects. After the age of 21, a woman should come in for a routine pap smear about once every year.

Full Body Checkup

The second part of our Well Woman Health Check consists of a routine pelvic exam. During this exam, your physician will examine the vagina for any abnormalities such as cysts, inflammation, or genital warts. They may also collect samples to be sent to the lab for further testing and analysis. These exams are extremely safe and allow both you and your physician to have a better understanding of your health. If you have any questions at all during your health check-up, our staff will be happy to answer them so you feel as confident and relaxed as possible.

At Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women, we offer the best Well Woman Health Check. It is important to keep informed about all aspects of your health and we are here to help you do just that. With regular Pap smears and pelvic exams, you can be in control of your health all the time.

Woman Health Screening

For more information about a routine Well Woman Health Check, call us today at (305) 595-6488 or click here to schedule an appointment!

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