Gynecologist in South Miami

Gynecologist in South Miami

Gynecologist in South Miami

Every woman should be seeing a gynecologist regularly, at least every year or two. However, the relationship between a patient and their doctor is a particularly intimate one, and it can be difficult to find a new gynecologist when you move to a new area or your doctor retires. Here at Dr. Susan Fox’s office, we foster a special relationship with each patient to create an environment where everyone feels safe and valued. Your search for a gynecologist in South Miami or the surrounding areas is over!

What is a Gynecologist and Why Do I Need One?

A gynecologist is a doctor that specializes in women’s anatomy and healthcare. This care can extend into pregnancy, with some gynecologists specializing in this area. Once a girl begins menstruation, she should attend her first gynecology appointment within the next year or so.

As with any primary care, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Going to the gynecologist regularly is vital in the continued health of women. There is a wide myriad of diseases and issues that can affect the reproductive organs that your regular GP is not equipped to diagnose properly. However, the exams vary during your gynecology appointment depending on how old you are. For example, once you turn 45, you usually start with mammograms to detect early-onset breast cancer. 

What Happens During a Gynecology Visit?

A visit to your gynecologist in South Miami isn’t too different than other types of doctor’s visits. First, your doctor will talk to you about your medical history, sexual activity, menstrual cycle, and any concerns that you have. This is a good time to ask pertinent questions about your female anatomy. Many women have questions about their bodies. Here are a few questions that are good to ask.

  • What does normal vaginal discharge look like?
  • Is my period normal?
  • What can I do about my period pain? Is it unusual?
  • How often should I get tested for STI’s?
  • What are my birth control options, and how do I know which one is right for me?
  • Why is sex painful? (if sex is painful)
  • How do I do a breast self-exam?

If you experience pain every month or have pain at any point in your cycle or sexual experience, you should discuss it with your doctor.  Many women believe that pain is normal and just needs to be endured when it is either something that can be managed or a possible sign of a problem. 

After the talk, your gynecologist will perform the exam. First, they will perform a visual exam of the outer labia and breast tissue, then they will insert a device called a speculum to inspect the walls of the vagina and the cervix. Once you become sexually active or turn 21, you will also get a pap smear every year or two, with decreasing frequency as you age.

Do I Need a Pap Smear?

The pap smear test is one of the most important preventative tests that you can do. The pap smear is a test for the human papillomavirus or HPV. Though HPV can be harmless, it can also be the cause of deadly cervical cancer or genital warts.

During this exam, they test for abnormal cells on the smear. If they find abnormal cells on your smear, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have cancer, but there are many strains of HPV that are frustrating and painful in their own right, like the strains that cause genital warts. 

How Do I Choose a Gynecologist?

Gynecologist in South MiamiThe relationship between a gynecologist and their patient is vital. Your gynecologist is both vital to your long-term health and inspecting your most vulnerable parts on a regular basis. If you don’t trust your gynecologist, then you might withhold vital information that could be very important. It’s important that you feel like your gynecologist is truly listening to your concerns in a non-judgemental fashion.

Here at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women, we take the time to get to know each and every patient and make them feel comfortable. In order for a gynecologist to be effective, then the most important aspect to select for is comfort and trustworthiness. If you want a gynecologist in South Miami that will truly go to bat for you, then Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women is the right choice for you. Contact us today!