OBGYN in South Miami

OBGYN in South Miami

You May Need to See an OBGYN, Even if You Feel Like Nothing is Wrong

Vaginal and reproductive health is extremely important. However, some patients still feel apprehension or intimidation about seeing their OBGYN. It can feel awkward discussing sexual health with a stranger and even more uncomfortable having anyone poke around down there.

For this reason, you may feel more inclined to brush off seemingly minor issues and avoid routine examinations from an OBGYN. Unfortunately, though you may feel like nothing is wrong, visiting with a specialist like our OBGYN in South Miami could critically impact your health and wellness.

Many patients visit us at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women telling us that they Googled their symptoms to diagnose themselves. This can lead to unnecessary nervousness, as well as unreliable home remedies that end up exacerbating symptoms. Visiting a gynecologist can confirm any potential diagnosis with increased accuracy.

If you’re feeling apprehensive about the right time to see an OBGYN in South Miami like a specialist from our team, read on to learn more about why you should, even when you think you might not have to.

Missed Periods

If your period is typically irregular or you aren’t sexually active, you may not think much about missing a period. However, this doesn’t mean you should skip the next visit with an OBGYN.

Most people equate a missed period with pregnancy. However, a missed period can also indicate endocrine problems like PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and thyroid dysfunctions. These issues deal with hormone imbalances and other irregularities and can impact your cycle. 

You may feel relieved that your monthly visitor didn’t come to town. Nonetheless, it would be best if you still visited an OBGYN to ensure this doesn’t indicate a more significant problem.

Vaginal Odor

Different things can affect the smell of your vagina, such as the foods you eat. But you should note if vaginal odors seem out of the ordinary. Strong smelling, abnormal colored discharge coupled with other symptoms like itching, pain, bleeding, or trouble with urination can indicate diseases like chlamydia or gonorrhea.

Vaginal odor may additionally serve as a sign that you should incorporate more nutrient-rich foods into your day or maybe that you wear the wrong type of underwear for your health. Whatever the potential reason for abnormal vaginal odor, it 

remains crucial to speak with an OBGYN in South Miami before making changes on your own.

Burning Sensation During Urination

Do you feel uncomfortable burning or stinging sensations when urinating? This can indicate a serious health problem. Trouble when using the restroom and more frequent than normal urination can be a symptom of a UTI (urinary tract infection) where bacteria enters the urine.

Burning during urination can also serve as a yeast infection symptom. For each issue, specialists will prescribe antibiotics or advise patients on over-the-counter medication. 


Both conditions typically resolve within a day to a week with proper treatment. However, you may not be able to determine an appropriate diagnosis or the best possible treatment without visiting a gynecologist.

Bleeding After Intercourse

If you bleed after sex, you may wonder if you hurt the inside of your vagina or another part of your anatomy ‘down there’. This may not necessarily reflect what’s happening, but bleeding often indicates something more significant.

Spotting is not uncommon after sex, especially when your period is about to begin or end. 

Heavy bleeding coupled with fever or vomiting after intercourse is a warning sign for a much more serious situation.

Visiting with an OBGYN in South Miami from our team can help confirm the root cause behind symptoms. You shouldn’t panic about conditions related to the vagina and vulva, no problem is too small for a visit with a specialist. 

Ultimately, your safety, health, and peace of mind should remain paramount for you and your chosen specialist. While you may think something is wrong in passing, visiting and consulting with a qualified specialist can make sure you get checked out and keep everything on the up and up.

OBGYN in South Miami | Susan Fox’s Center for Women’s Health

Many women often come to us with questions about their sexual health. Hearing from a professional that everything is “normal” can prove to be a notable relief. Providers like our team from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women’s Health can also offer suggestions to regulate cycles and maintain reproductive health and wellness.

To learn more about an OBGYN in South Miami from our team, contact our dedicated professionals today for more information!

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