Well-Woman Exam in Kendall

Well-Woman Exam in Kendall

Things to Know About a Well-Woman Exam in Kendall

A well-woman examination often serves as one of the most important steps that a woman at any age can take in order to protect their health. Although some patients think that this is a magical time where a gynecologist pokes around in their vaginal area, the truth is that a well-woman exam in Kendall offers so much more.

This poking and prodding we refer to here is a pap smear. This isn’t an annual requirement for all women, but certain factors can make this particular exam necessary on a more frequent basis. Our team from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women wants to share some of the basics regarding a well-woman exam in Kendall.

Promote Preventive Health and Wellness

Visiting a physician when we feel sick is one of the great things about accessible healthcare. However, one of the best ways to ensure optimal health and wellness is through preventative measures like a well-woman exam in Kendall.

As the body changes, patients also begin to experience new challenges and other issues. A well-woman examination is there to help these patients understand potential health risks, in addition to how the patient can avoid them.

This Physical Isn’t Just About the Physical

A well-woman exam in Kendall isn’t just about analyzing physical health. It is an ideal time to open the lines of communication with a gynecologist to ask questions, and address concerns. Many patients discuss their mood, medications, stress, and even their sex life with their gynecologist.

This working relationship with an experienced, professional gynecologist is the best way to discuss patient health, as well as what they can do to help. More than ever before healthcare providers finally understand that they can get along with patients with open dialogues and developed relationships.

The best gynecologists will meet their patients in the middle, demonstrating a clear interest in their health. This enables the patients to build trust in their care, understanding also that the relationship can help them experience a quality care visit. Furthermore, it may even help patients feel more comfortable come time for that pelvic examination.

Patients Need More Than One Visit

It is essential to think about a well-woman exam in Kendall as a comprehensive journey more than a one and done process. Many patients often talk to these visits as a singular annual checkup. However, care may not conclude right there.

As an example, for patients that suffer from a family history of cervical cysts, a provider may suggest additional screenings or examinations. It remains likely that this additional analysis will mean another visit to the gynecologist, or a supplemental specialist.

This extends to more common scenarios like IUDs or implants. The gynecologist will schedule a separate appointment for insertion. The good news is that more time with the healthcare provider means an extended commitment to comprehensive health and wellness.

A Well-Woman Exam is Up to the Patient, Their Needs, and the Provider

The services received during a well-woman exam in Kendall certainly depends on a patient’s condition and reasoning for the visit in the first place. Nevertheless, very few patients comprehend that they can actually run their own checkup. 

A well-woman examination could involve any of the following depending on their goals, needs, and current health status:

  • Alcohol Abuse Screenings
  • Blood Pressure Analysis
  • Cholesterol Screening
  • Birth Control and STD Care
  • Depression Analysis
  • Nutrition and Dieting
  • HIV Testing
  • Vaccines and Immunizations
  • STI screening

For more examples of what remains involved in a woman’s wellness examination from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women, patients can view our services here.

A Well-Woman Exam in Kendall from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women

Any patient remains entitled to a well-woman visit until they reach the age of 65. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that they should stop committing to feeling like well women past the age of 65.

Our team from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women works to help patients experience a preeminent level of health and feminine care. No better way exists to maximize preventative care and female health as a whole.

Is doesn’t matter if you need a pelvic examination, pap smear, or even to learn more about birth control, our team can help you. To learn more about the numerous benefits regarding the well-woman exam in Kendall, contact Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women today!