Well-Woman Exam in South Miami

Well-Woman Exam in South Miami

Get Your Well-Woman Exam in South Miami Each Year!

A well-woman exam in South Miami is all about you, your body, in addition to your reproductive health. You can also refer to these regular checkups as gynecological examinations.

However, no matter how you refer to them, well-woman examinations represent one of the most essential steps, women at any age can take in protecting their overall health and wellness.

It remains crucial to schedule a well-woman exam in South Miami with a doctor or nurse every year. They include a full checkup that is separate from other visits due to sickness or an injury.

During the visit, a doctor can also use this opportunity to open a dialogue about your health and lifestyle choices while performing a physical examination of your breasts and pelvis.

Well-woman examinations are vital because patients require screening for breast and gynecological cancers, as well as diseases. Specialists will also discuss potential preventative measures, in addition to sexually transmitted disease and infection screenings. This is also the ideal time to administer pre-pregnancy counseling.

What Happens During the Well-Woman Exam in South Miami?

The course of an appointment for a well-woman examination will depend on a variety of things. These might include your age, sexual activity, as well as your medical history. It is a good idea for young women around ages thirteen to fifteen to visit with a specialist for a well-woman examination and also a regular physical exam.

During the well-woman exam in South Miami, the doctor will want to discuss your period. This remains especially applicable if you feel worried about your period symptoms as heavy or painful. The well-woman examination is also the best time to discuss irregular periods as well. For patients under the age of 18, specialists may also administer an HPV vaccine as well.

Around the age of 21, you will require regular pelvic examination, pap testing, and breast examinations. This continues as you get older as well. However, testing will transform as your health and needs change. For example, specialists can begin, including other tests and administering mammograms.

Nevertheless, one thing will stay the same in a well-woman exam in South Miami no matter the phase of your life. This is building an honest, healthy relationship with a doctor or nurse. After all, the more accurate and open you can discuss your health with a specialist, the better care the specialist can administer.

Patients may also still possess breasts and/or a vagina, but not identify as a woman. Nonetheless, it is still a great idea to see a nurse or doctor for a well-woman exam in South Miami in addition to any trans care they receive.

Preparing for a Well-Woman Exam in South Miami

Take steps to know and understand your family health history. This is an essential part of your health record, and your specialist will want to know about conditions that could potentially run in your family.

For this reason, be prepared to tell your doctor or nurse this information during a well-woman examination. As you progress through an analysis and treatment program, don’t forget to share any new or developing information concerning health problems that occur after your previous visit.

You can also use this opportunity to ask a doctor or nurse any questions and address any concerns regarding your health. This could include:

  • Birth control methods
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns
  • Nutrition
  • Pregnancy preparation
  • Menopause
  • STDs
  • Safety and relationships
  • Physical activity

A Well-Woman Exam in South Miami from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women

Well-woman visits remain pretty straightforward. This isn’t a test that you can pass or fail. Nonetheless, by utilizing the above information, you can enter your specialist’s office feeling a bit more prepared for the examination.

The well-woman exam in South Miami ensures that your body is in good health and that it functions properly. Once you visit with a specialist for your very first examination, the medical examiner can then determine the frequency of checkups, in addition to a proper course of treatment should it appear necessary.

Many patients will feel nervous or anxious about scheduling a gynecology appointment. However, there is no reason for apprehension. Our team from Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women works to help all of our patients feel at ease. To learn more about a well-woman exam in South Miami, contact us today!