September 7, 2016

Annual Visit To The Gynecologist For A Healthy You

Best Gynecologist in Miami

Best Gynecologist Miami

Health Care For Women

As women, we often tend to take our health for granted. Not taking medication on time or being too busy at work to forget to take our lunch altogether. These are just some of the many ways through which we often neglect the importance of health and tend to disregard it. Most of our visits to the doctors are dismissed in favor of something more ‘important’ and ’urgent’. How many times have you missed out on a visit to your doctor and resorted to self-medication because you just didn’t have enough time to spare? To keep a check on your overall health it is important that you visit your gynecologist regularly.

Why should I visit my gynecologist?

Some people associate gynecologists with childbirth-related issues only. This is wrong. They are in fact doctors who understand the working and complexities of the female body more thoroughly than any general physician can. So, when you visit a gynecologist, it doesn’t necessarily have to be about your private issues. Whether you have an active sex life or not, here are a few reasons why you should visit your gynecologist regularly.

Gynecological Examination

An annual physical examination is very important for the assessment of your overall health. It would include obtaining vital stats, determining weight, BMI, assessing the lymph nodes, and the overall health of the patient involved. So set up an appointment with the best gynecologist in Miami to get an assessment of your overall health.


Breast cancer is a slow killer nowadays, which crawls unexpectedly into our lives. A regular breast exam can detect the signs ahead of time so that we can deal with it in a better way.

Pelvic exam

If you are above 21 and face issues like irregular menstruation cycle, pelvic pain, or infertility, then it is important that you get a pelvic exam at least once a year by the best gynecologist in Miami. It might not be a fancy visit but is worth your health.

Changes in Menstruation Cycle

Irregular menstruation cycles can be caused by many factors. Visits to your gynecologists can help you sort out the issue and figure out any issues which might cause a problem in the future.

Obstetrician and Gynecologist Miami

As per the directions issued by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, it is important that you visit your gynecologist once every year. All girls starting from age 13-15 should set up an annual exam with their OB/GYN. It is important for their overall health. Also, in case of any issue which you deem important, visit your gynecologist without any delay to get an expert opinion.

Best Gynecologist in Miami

If you have been delaying a visit with your gynecologist, it is time that you take your health seriously. Contact us at (305) 595-6488 or click here to schedule an appointment with the best gynecologist in Miami right now!

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