October 5, 2018

If You Are Not Interested in Starring in the Next Kate Plus 8, Read On for the Best Contraceptive!

Mirena Birth Control

Mirena Birth Control

When you are ready to start a family or make a new addition to your growing unit, the news of a pregnancy can be one of the most exciting moments of your life. However, it is crucial for many women to have control over when or if they choose to take this life-changing step. To prevent unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, several women choose to utilize a form of contraception. If you are curious about Mirena Birth Control and would like to know more, our professionals at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women are here to help!

Figuring out the type of contraception that is right for you and your partner can take some time. Some women choose to go the traditional route and opt for birth control pills. Up to 99.9% effective, taking the daily pill is a reliable way to take control of your sexual health. However, a significant downside that pushes away many patients is the fact that one must be diligent in remembering to take the pill every single day at the same time. If you stray even slightly from this schedule, you risk significantly lowering the contraceptive effectiveness at preventing pregnancy.

Another method that has gained great popularity during the past several years is IUD. Short for “Intrauterine Device,” this option is a small device made from flexible plastic that inserts into the uterus. This is a great option for women who want a long-term birth control method that is completely reversible.

Birth Control Options for Women

There are two major types of IUDs. The first is a copper IUD that does not contain hormones. They are 99% effective in preventing pregnancy and maintain their effectiveness for up to 10 years. If this sounds like an option that you remain interested in, our team at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women offers a brand of copper IUD known as Paragard.

The second form of IUD patients know as hormonal IUDs. As you can tell by the name, this IUD option does contain the hormone progestin, which is very similar to the hormonal progesterone our bodies create naturally. Depending on the type and brand you select, this method is 99% effective for anywhere between 3 to 6 years. At our center, we carry some of the most trusted names on the market, including Kyleena, Nexplanon, Liletta, and Mirena.

In particular, Mirena Birth Control is recommended for women who have previously had children and wish to go back to a form of contraception. If you are not interested in starring in the next Kate Plus 8, this could be your go-to solution. Mirena is FDA approved and utilizes the levonorgestrel hormone to prevent pregnancy. It provides up to 5 years of prevention and is also a great way to treat heavy periods if you suffer from an abnormal cycle. The best part is that both insertion and removal of Mirena is very simple, allowing women to change their minds at any time.

IUD Contraceptive

Receive expert gynecological and obstetrical treatment at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women and explore our wide variety of contraceptive options. If you decide that Mirena Birth Control is right for you, give us a call at (305) 595-6488 to set up an appointment or click here to reach one of our professionals right now!

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