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What Really Goes On Down There?: IUD Placement

How Does IUD Placement Work? As an IUD becomes one of the most popular and effective forms of birth control, you might have found yourself interested in it at one point. While you probably know what essentially an IUD is and what it generally looks like, IUD placement at a doctor’s office is a whole […]

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If You Are Not Interested in Starring in the Next Kate Plus 8, Read On for the Best Contraceptive!

Mirena Birth Control When you are ready to start a family or make a new addition to your growing unit, the news of a pregnancy can be one of the most exciting moments of your life. However, it is crucial for many women to have control over when or if they choose to take this […]

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At Dr. Susan Fox Center for Women, We Can Give You the Best IUD Birth Control Plan

Best IUD Birth Control Plan In selecting a birth control option that works for you, it is important to note that there are many more options out there outside of the typical birth control pills. While the pill may work just fine for some women, others may be looking for something a bit different and […]