July 11, 2016

What is Vagina Rejuvenation?

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Vagina Rejuvenation in Kendall

Improved Sexual Health

There are many factors that can cause the inner and outer muscles of the vagina to loosen. When this occurs, a woman’s self-esteem may lower and their sexual drive will lower. This can cause a negative impact on the sexual life between her and her partner. There are solutions to this problem and at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women, we have them. Now, with Vaginoplasty, you can restore the tightness and feel no more elasticity affecting your sexual health and overall health. Vaginal restoration is the first stage of pelvic prolapse, and it can cause many unpleasant symptoms such as bladder issues, pain, discomfort, bowel complications, sexual dissatisfaction, etc.

Get Rid of Your Symptoms

Talk to our doctor, Susan Fox, to solve this health problem as soon as possible to help you regain your overall and sexual health! A Vagina Rejuvenation in Kendall can be fixed through the restoring of the vaginal anatomy. By doing this procedure, your symptoms will fade away and you will feel new! Choose to improve your intimate relationships and self-esteem by trying out the Vagina Rejuvenation in Kendall. The tightening of inner and outer muscles will be restored even after pregnancies, and just like when you were young. Take advantage of the opportunity given at OBGYN Miami and find out more about this procedure today!

Are You a Candidate?

You may be a candidate for Vagina Rejuvenation in Kendall if your vaginal structures have begun sagging due to aging, dramatic weight loss, etc. If you have had genital surgeries and you’re looking for improved vaginal anatomy then this procedure may be just for you! Or, if you suffer from health conditions such as stress urinary incontinence, you may want to take a look at this procedure. Experiencing any pain, soreness, reduced sensation during intercourse? Vaginal restoration maybe just for you. Do you have any questions or concerns about this procedure? Call us today and let us know what they are, we will gladly answer them for you.

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