January 15, 2021

Why You Should Start the New Year with Your Annual Well Woman Exam

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Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women remains dedicated to providing the best women’s care services in South Florida.

Now that it’s finally the new year, you’re probably thinking about all the things on your list you have to check off. This might include doctor’s appointments, tax preparation, and cleaning out closets.

Remembering and taking the time to do all these things can be stressful. Why not take that weight off your shoulders and get your yearly OB/GYN check-up out of the way? Taking care of our health is the most important thing we can do.

Start the New Year Right

One of the reasons you should start the new year with your annual well-woman exam is so you don’t have to worry about it later on in the year. Handle your yearly appointments ahead of time. This includes one with your primary care physician and any other specialists you may see on an annual basis. 

Don’t procrastinate on getting your health in check—put your physical and mental health first! Your annual well-woman exam will include a physical portion, which should take about 10 minutes. You’ll also have time to ask your OB/GYN any questions you may have or discuss any of your concerns. 

What to Expect From Your Well Woman Exam

Your well-woman exam with your West Kendall OB/GYN will have different aspects to it depending on your age, pre-existing conditions, and family medical history. For example, your doctor may not recommend you get a breast cancer screening if you’re 25. However, they will likely recommend it if you’re over the age of 50. 

Nevertheless, here are two cancer exams you’ll likely receive from your OB/GYN when you come in for your annual appointment.

Pap Smear Test

Yearly gynecologic examinations should be performed to ensure your body is healthy and functioning correctly, so why not put your health first and start the year off with your annual OB/GYN visit? Women should have their first pap smear done at the age of 21 or three years after becoming sexually active. 

They perform this test to search for any early signs of serious abnormalities such as cervical cancer. A pap smear results will allow our experts to address the issue in its early stages. This measure could potentially prove to be life-saving. 

The best time to have a Pap Smear test done is within 10 to 20 days after your menstrual cycle, avoiding the use of vaginal products, douching, and sexual activity during the days before the appointment. 

Once you are properly situated and the procedure has begun, our professionals will examine the surrounding genital regions, such as the urethra, to ensure that everything looks normal. A speculum will then be inserted into the birth canal to gain a close look into the vagina and cervix. 

They then utilize a cervical brush to scrape certain areas and collect an endocervical and ectocervical sample, before sending samples to a lab for testing and evaluation. This test should only take a few minutes, and your OB/GYN will make the process as comfortable for you as possible.

Pelvic Exam

Another routine test you can expect from your annual women’s care visit from your West Kendall OB/GYN is a pelvic exam. This exam is relatively short, and our professionals do everything within their power to help you feel calm and relaxed. 

After being directed to position yourself in the proper position, our expert doctors will examine the external areas surrounding the vagina, such as the vulva folds, for any signs of abnormal discharge, cysts, inflammation, or genital warts. They will then use a speculum to secure an easy opening for our specialists to collect any needed samples that will be tested for various aspects.

A speculum may look a little intimidating, but your OB/GYN will make the exams as comfortable for you as possible.

Women’s Care in Florida | West Kendall OB/GYN

After your first exam at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women, our skilled medical examiners will be able to determine how often you should return for a check-up, but the recommended time is within a year. Some women may feel nervous and anxious when scheduling a gynecology appointment. 

Many fear that the process will be uncomfortable or even painful. At Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women, we recognize that many women feel this way, and it is our goal to ensure that every patient that walks into our clinic feels comfortable, safe, and at ease. Our professionals take special care in performing quick and effective examinations that will be both informative and helpful.

Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women is dedicated to providing the best women’s care services in South Florida. Set up an appointment today with our office and make sure your body receives the care it deserves.

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