Gynecologist in Miami

Gynecologist in Miami

Gynecologist in Miami

Finding the right gynecologist is difficult. Going to the gynecologist is often something that inspires fear and dread in a lot of women. However, going to the gynecologist at least every year is mandatory for most women, especially after a certain age. There is a lot that can go wrong in the vaginal area, and most of it can easily be avoided if you go for regular check-ups at the gynecologist.

Here at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women, we understand that choosing the right doctor is vital for people feeling comfortable and keeping themselves healthy. To ensure our patients’ trust and comfort, we emphasize personal relationships with the gynecologist, clearly explained procedures, and validating our patient’s experiences. 

Gynecologist in MiamiWhat Should I Do to Prepare?

A lot of the fear regarding gynecologist appointments is because most women don’t start going until they are adults. Many times women go into appointments without understanding what will happen during the exam. Without that knowledge, many things seem terrifying, like the chair, with stirrups or the prospect of someone touching you somewhere personal and ‘private.’  However, your appointment doesn’t have to be scary. Instead, going to a gynecology appointment can give you the freedom to understand your reproductive health.

1: Know What You Want

When you first enter the office, you need to select the reason for your visit. This is pretty important, as it will direct the entirety of your appointment. Are you coming in for a yearly physical? To ask for birth control to prevent pregnancy? Are you having unusual itching sensations or irregular periods? Knowing what you want when you go in for your visit can help you take charge and ask the right questions once you get into the examination room. 

2: Prepare Your Gynecological History

Many people are unfamiliar with their gynecological history. When going to a new gynecologist in Miami, people are often asked questions that stump them, like “When was your last period?” or “When did you begin menstruating?” Preparing for those questions can help you feel less uncomfortable when they are asked. Here are a few of the questions common in a gynecologist appointment: 

  • When was your last period?
  • Are your periods regular? How far apart are they?
  • When did you begin menstruating?
  • Are you sexually active?
  • If you are, what kind of sexual activities are you engaging in?
  • And more!

3: Prepare Your Own Questions

A gynecologist appointment is for your own benefit. You can maximize the benefits to yourself to make sure that you ask about anything you’ve been curious about or worried about. For example, you might want to ask about properly cleaning the vagina, or what kinds of discharge are and aren’t normal. You can even ask them questions about sex and orgasms — it won’t embarrass them! These sorts of discussions can be kept private if you want them to be. 

4: Be Completely Honest

Like a therapist, your gynecologist isn’t here to judge you. We promise you, there is nothing that your gynecologist hasn’t heard before. It doesn’t matter how many sexual partners you have or have not had or questions that you might have that you think to make you sound “uneducated” or “silly.” Having an entirely accurate picture of your vaginal health and sexual history is important to help your gynecologist to be able to help you. Their desire is to make sure that whatever your lifestyle, you can live it in health and comfort. Even though you might be afraid of their reaction, the safety tips, and regular check-ups from a gynecologist in Miami can be the key to helping people in alternative lifestyles stay healthy. 

5: Build a Relationship

Though we’ve just asked you to be honest with us, we realize that it’s difficult to trust someone you meet for the first time. However, here at Dr. Fox’s office, we make sure that every patient feels valued and listened to. We are ready to put in the time and effort to make sure that you feel that we are not only your health treatment professionals but people who have your best interests at heart. Contact us to make your appointment and start your journey towards better health today!