December 21, 2016

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Birth Control Gynecologist

Birth Control Gynecologist

If you wish to enjoy your sex life without having the worry to consider getting pregnant, then selecting birth control pills is the most popular solution that is undertaken by most women. Most ladies who wish to enhance their professional way of life and pursue their careers usually opt for birth control since they would not want to put a stop to their career only because they discover that they are pregnant. Visiting a Birth Control Gynecologist is the best option for determining whether you are selecting the birth control method that is right for you.

Contraceptive Pill

What happens when females opt for contraceptive pills? These are known to increase the quantity of progesterone and estrogen so that the process of ovulation does not take place. The quantity of these two hormones is improved so much by this contraceptive that they do not allow the production of any other hormones that are required to ripen the egg. Therefore, during the time that you take these pills, the menstruation cycle does not take place at all. Other kinds of birth control ways involved taking frequent injections that are known as Depo-Provera or putting an IUD which releases hormones that avoid menstruation.

People now have access to several types of birth control. If for casual sex, a lot of individuals use condoms only, and the morning-after pill, when necessary, stable couples often want to explore their choices more carefully. It is when people get associated with serious relationships that they search for information and talk to family planning experts to discover reliable methods that indicate their sexual needs.

Hormonal birth control

Many kinds of birth control mean the use of hormones to avoid pregnancy. Here we ought to discuss the patch, the hormonal shot, the oral pill, the vaginal ring, and a certain number of intrauterine gadgets. Hormonal contraceptive has a high effectiveness rate, yet they have a higher risk of side effects, and they cannot be used by just anyone. The woman should be in perfect health and should visit a specialist to have a hormonal contraceptive suggested.

ITU devices

The intrauterine device is placed in the woman’s uterus, making the uterine lining inappropriate for the implantation of a fertilized egg. It can only be placed by a gynecologist. Your doctor will tell you how the device works and whether you have to pay attention to special issues while you have it on. At times the ITU can cause abnormal bleeding or very abundant menstrual bleeds.

Barrier methods

These kinds of birth control consist of condoms, females’ diaphragm, cervical cap, and sponges. Condoms are the only ones that protect against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy at the same time. Nevertheless, they have to be used consistently and correctly to offer the highest possible protection. The cervical cap and the diaphragm need to be custom-made so that they fit the woman individual specificity.

Natural birth control

Some people use natural contraceptive ways similar to other forms of birth control. Here, our Birth Control Gynecologist should discuss the routine method, which calculates the fertile period based on the changes particular to the woman’s menstrual cycle. The fertile period can be identified either by tracking the consistency of the cervical mucus or by taking and documenting basal temperature every day. Natural birth control is also possible through abstinence or through withdrawal. It is important to a family planning professional to evaluate your choices and know for sure which methods are better for you. Sometimes a combination of birth control options should be used to be able to achieve the right kind of protection against pregnancy and STDs. Also, an open mindset in the couple with mutual respect and support helps a lot.

Call About Contraception Options

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