February 26, 2021

Birth Control’s Benefits: Beyond Just a Contraceptive

From reducing hormonal acne to regulating menstrual cycles, birth control can do so much more than preventing pregnancy. Here are just a few of birth control’s benefits that you may be able to get when you visit an OB/GYN

Period Problems? Birth Control Can Help

You’re not alone if you experience issues with your period. Many women do, and there are a whole host of different problems you can run into. Often, these issues are caused by hormonal imbalances, so your OB/GYN will likely prescribe hormonal birth control if you are struggling with menstrual problems such as irregular or heavy bleeding or even polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) symptoms, including acne and excess hair. 

Whether you choose The Pill, a vaginal ring or an in-arm birth control like Nexplanon, most hormonal birth control methods can make periods lighter and more predictable.

Less Pain, Less PMS

Even if you don’t have heavy bleeding or an irregular cycle, you can still choose to take birth control for other reasons, such as painful periods and debilitating PMS symptoms. Because hormonal birth control prevents ovulation, your uterus will likely not experience the painful contractions that cause cramps during ovulation. 

If you have painful periods, hormonal birth control may also provide some relief for pain during menstruation. Hormonal fluctuations can also cause emotional and mental struggles for women. Talk to an OB/GYN  if you are experiencing these symptoms; birth control isn’t just for treating physical issues. 

Know that it is entirely normal to have both physical and emotional symptoms, and it’s totally OK to get help for them. Since there are so many different birth control methods with different doses and combinations of hormones, trust your doctor to recommend the ones that will work for you. You may need to try a few options before you find the one that works for your symptoms.

Pain and discomfort during your period is completely normal, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it. Explore your options with birth control when you talk to an OB/GYN near me.

Birth Control Reduces Health Risks

Hormonal birth control may also provide you with long-term benefits. For example, women who take combination birth control pills are 50% less likely to get uterine cancer. These effects can last for up to 20 years after you stop taking the pill. 

In addition, taking birth control can reduce your risk of ovarian cancer, which occurs when your body develops cancerous ovarian cysts. These are small, fluid-filled sacs that form in your ovaries during ovulation. The non-cancerous cysts aren’t dangerous, but they can be painful. 

Women with PCOS often have a large number of small cysts in their ovaries. By preventing ovulation, hormonal birth control can prevent these cysts from forming and may also stop former cysts from regrowing.

Dr. Susan Fox an OB/GYN in Miami

Dr. Susan Fox’s years of experience in the field have allowed her to construct a devoted group of professionals who will go the extra mile to ensure their patients are completely satisfied after each appointment.

Whether you are searching for a dependable OB/GYN specialist for routine gynecological care or a knowledgeable practitioner to perform pelvic reconstructive surgery, Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women is your most secure option.

Nexplanon Birth Control At Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women

Nexplanon, or etonogestrel implant, is a form of pregnancy prevention that is placed under the skin of a patient’s upper arm. This in-arm birth control is flexible and small—only 1.6 inches in length. Nexplanon birth control lasts up to three years and is more than 99% effective. 

Our experts at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women recommend Nexplanon to women who are searching for a reliable form of contraception that is long-lasting, but not permanent. Nexplanon can be removed at any time by our health care professionals when you decide you would like to try to become pregnant. 

Looking for long-lasting birth control that will last more than 3 years? No problem! At Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women, we can replace your Nexplanon once the first three-year mark is reached with a new one that will last an additional three years. Nexplanon birth control is a great option for women who want a steadier option than birth control pills, which can be a tedious, daily routine.

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