July 22, 2022

Three Myths About Vaginal Hygiene

When it comes to vaginal hygiene, it can sometimes feel like a never-ending cycle of trying things that could “possibly” work or leave you with an uncomfortable infection. It’s no wonder why women feel hesitant when it comes to discussing their feminine needs. Too many people on the internet talking often leave you with information overload and confusion.

Lucky for you; we are here to help. Vaginal hygiene doesn’t have to be daunting. Learning what works for you and your body will never be information you don’t need. There are so many myths surrounding vagina health, so let’s debunk some of the ones that confuse us and better understand how it all works together for our greater good.

Feeling confident in your body should be the primary goal, and ensuring we have the help of our gynecologists in our circles will help us feel better about what we do to maintain our health.   

Myth #1: Feminine hygiene soaps clean your vagina.

I’m sure you have walked down the feminine hygiene section of your local store a million times to see the plethora of products you NEED so that your vagina doesn’t smell. But, on the off chance that it does, it shouldn’t smell like fresh baked cookies, lavender, cucumbers, or a Hawaiian breeze.

Although these beautifully packaged products draw us in and continue to draw money out of our accounts, they are virtually pointless. I don’t know if you heard, but the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and people do not need outside products to clean it.

Despite what we’ve been taught, regular douching and highly scented products are unnecessary and harmful. These popular vaginal hygiene soaps may seem like they solve the issues at hand, but a long-term fix is much better than a short-term fixation.

If you are experiencing any vaginal discomfort or irregularities, it is vital to seek the attention of your gynecologist so that you do not add more fuel to the fire. Even though you may struggle with maintenance, excessive sweating, or odor issues, a warm shower is always your friend.

Less is more when it comes to maintaining your vagina hygiene. If you are struggling, you no longer have to feel like you are alone. Connect with our Miami, FL team today to seek refuge from unnecessary vaginal myths.

Myth #2: Discharge means something is wrong with your vaginal hygiene.

Discharge is a topic that most women never want to speak of. From hormone imbalances to infections due to particular underwear usage, the overall paranoia of making sure you are up to date on your vaginal health can be overwhelming and a little intimidating.

I know that some women may feel hesitant when scheduling their gynecology appointments. Just know you are not alone. Our gynecology office in Miami offers “Well Women Exams” to help those struggling with the health of their vagina and who are looking for reassurance.

Discharge doesn’t always mean something is wrong, and it’s actually very typical. Changes in the amount, consistency, color, or smell could indicate an infection or other problems, which is why it’s essential to have your regularly scheduled Pap Smears and pelvic exams. So, you won’t be alarmed if you see a change in your vaginal health. Please schedule your appointment and touch base with our gynecologists for peace of mind. 

Myth #3: No hair is aesthetically best for keeping better vagina hygiene.

Everyone’s grooming habits are different, and we are not here to police your bodies. The fact is, most women have a standard wax appointment or a hair removal routine they do in the comfort of their showers twice a month.

When it comes down to it, they remove their pubic hair because we’ve been taught it’s “hygienic or cleaner,” but that’s not true. Gynecologists agree that pubic hair grooming can wreak havoc and jeopardize your vagina health. Women who decide to shave or wax are more prone to skin infection following waxing or shaving. These hair removal methods can lead to cuts and ingrown hairs.

A person trying to remove these ingrown hairs can also lead to an infection. All the discomfort can be avoided if we stop listening to the myths about our vaginas. Of course, if it makes you happy to keep up with your grooming methods, do that! But it’s a great reminder to know that you don’t have to keep up with it to maintain the validity of your vagina hygiene, especially when there is no data to support improved vagina health with waxing or shaving.

Before removing pubic hair, consider it a protective barrier from dirt, just like ear wax is a protective barrier for the ear canal. If you want to tame your hair down there, trimming it carefully with scissors is the healthiest and safest option.

When it comes to vagina hygiene, this is excellent information to have so that you are equipped if you experience infections or irritation. You know you can count on our team of gynecologists at Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women to help you find relief. 

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Vagina hygiene and health means different things to every woman, but the only consistent thing is that we all want to feel confident in our skin no matter what. Talk to the experts today! Our clients’ needs may range, but our purpose and pursuit of advocating for them remain unwavering. Women need to know that their questions matter.

Debunk the myths and get the answers you need to take control of your vaginal health and wellness. Our team is here to alleviate your discomfort. Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women is dedicated to providing the best women’s health care services in South Florida. Connect with us today at (305) 595-6488, or click the link below to set up an appointment with our expert doctors. 

We look forward to speaking with you! Don’t believe the myths; ask an expert to get the facts on what it takes to maintain optimal vaginal hygiene and health! 

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